Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Jr. Discovery?

    Jr. Discovery is a 3 week summer enrichment experience for middle school students completing grades 6, 7, 8 located on the beautiful campuses of UCLA and Georgetown University.

    You will participate in our innovative Skills for Mind and Body Curriculum, which combines interactive workshops, social activities, creative programming, travel, and sports and recreation. Jr. Discovery provides you with the chance to make new friends and learn in a supportive and positive environment. You'll live and learn with peers from all over the US and the world, as part of a dynamic university community.

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    Who are the Jr. Discovery staff?

    The Musiker Family has directed award winning educational summer programs for high school and middle school students for 51 years. Bob & Jimmy Musiker and our staff have vast experience working with and teaching middle school students.

    Our administrative staff has worked with Jr. Discovery for many years and include:

    • Director
    • Associate Director
    • Programs and Activities Director
    • Academic Coordinator
    • Health and Wellness Coordinator
    • Athletic Director

    Most are teachers, guidance counselors, or school administrators. Our Resident Counselors (RCs) are graduate students and college seniors that are at least 21 years old. Resident Counselors are great people to hangout with, talk to, learn from, help you with your classes, and get you involved in activities. The Resident Counselors live on your floor.

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    What is a typical weekday like?

    With the tremendous diversity of programs, courses, activities, and recreation on all campuses, it is difficult to describe a typical weekday at Jr. Discovery but we will try.

    8.30am Roll out of bed and head to the dining hall where you can enjoy a bagel, eggs, fruit, and more on your way to class.

    9.15am Meeting time. Hear about the day’s exciting activities, world news and sports highlights, and today’s weather.

    9.45am Grab your notebook and pen (or your laptop) and don’t be late for your first Skills for the Mind workshop.

    11.00am Morning Break. Grab a snack or say hi to your friends before heading to your next workshop.

    11.15am Keep up the great work during your second Skills for the Mind workshop.

    12.30pm Enjoy lunch with friends, relax in the lounge, and prepare for your afternoon Skills for the Body workshop.

    2.15pm Head to the field, the gym, or the dance studio for your afternoon Skills for the Body workshop.

    3.30pm Your summer, your way. Sign up for the activities you want to do. Choose from beaches, sports, arts & crafts, museums, and more.

    6.00pm Dinner time. Enjoy the unlimited portions at the dining hall. 

    7.00pm Movies. Karaoke Night. Rock-n-Bowl. Major league sports. You will never forget the memories you make with your friends at Jr. Discovery.

    10.00pm Enjoy some snacks, watch a movie, or play ping pong in the lounge. After a full day, it’s nice to relax with friends.

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    Can I still have fun while taking classes?

    Yes! In fact we don't even call them classes, they are called interactive workshops. You may choose from dozens of Skills for Mind and Body workshops that are challenging, but not overwhelming. Workshops are small and emphasize interactive, innovative learning. The teachers are great. They are enthusiastic and supportive, which makes learning exciting and fun.

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    How many workshops will I take?

    During the 3 week session, you will take 2 Skills for Mind workshops and 2 Skills for Body workshops. Your 2 Skills for the Mind workshops meet each morning for 75 minutes, with a break in between.  Skills for the Body workshops meet for 60-75 minutes in the afternoon, one each day, either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.

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    When do I register for classes?

    As an enrolled student, you will receive an email in February instructing you to log into the MyDiscovery portal. In the portal, you will complete your class registration, travel information, medical paperwork, and more. 

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    Who teaches the workshops at Jr. Discovery?

    Jr. Discovery teaching faculty is superb. Great teachers make learning interesting and fun. They are college instructors, graduate students from the university, top secondary school teachers, and local artisans.

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    What if I need help with a workshop?

    Jr. Discovery staff is available to tutor, assist you with papers, and coordinate study sessions. Teachers are also available by appointment, or after class.

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    May I bring my laptop/tablet to Jr. Discovery?

    Definitely. Most rooms are wired for Internet access. (There may be a small charge for hook-up.) 

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    Are the athletic facilities open to Jr. Discovery?

    They certainly are. At UCLA you can use the John Wooden Recreation Center, Bruin Brawn, L.A. Olympic Tennis Center, Sunset Canyon Pool, Hedrick Basketball Courts, Drake Track Stadium, and the UCLA Aquatic Center at Marina Del Ray facilities located on and off campus. At Georgetown University you can use Yates Field House, the Tennis Courts and Georgetown's Pool. You can play on the Soccer and Baseball fields, or use the Canoeing, Cycling, and Kayaking facilities located on and off campus. 

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    How will I know the staff at the airport?

    Jr. Discovery staff will be wearing blue Discovery Staff t-shirts and holding Jr. Discovery signs.

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    How do I apply to Jr. Discovery?

    Dont' delay, apply today!

    Step 1: Complete the Jr. Discovery online application with $100 non-refundable application fee (not applicable towards tuition)

    Step 2: Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an email with the Recommendation Form to be completed by a Counselor, Advisor, or Dean. 

    Step 3: Send your completed Recommendation Form to the Jr. Discovery office by fax, email, or mail. 

    Step 4: Jr. Discovery will process your complete application and make an admissions decision.

    Step 5: If you are accepted, we will email your official acceptance and information on how to enroll. The online enrollment and program deposit is required in order to save your spot on the program.